Kisan Divas (Birthday Charan Singh)

Kisan Divas or Farmer’s Day or Kisan samman Divas is celebrated in India on 23rd of December.
Dec 16, 2014 11:25 IST

Kisan Divas or Farmer’s Day or Kisan samman Divas is celebrated in India on 23rd of December. This day symbolizes the birthday of Chaudhary Charan Singh-the fifth Prime Minister of Indian Republic. He was born to a Jat couple of Noorpur in 1902. Charan Singh served as the Prime Minister of India from 28 July 1979 to 14 January 1980.

India- Land of Farmers

India is a territory of villages and many of the people staying in rural areas are farmers by occupation. Agriculture is the livelihood of nearly half of the Indian. Although, in a period when nearly 75% of the Indian residents earned its livelihood from agriculture. However the appearance of service sector and tough manufacturing industry has shifted most people from agriculture to service sectors. Nevertheless, agriculture still remains the primary occupation of the nation. India has an appealing agricultural history. The green revolution altered the agricultural setting of the country. Productivity enhanced and India became independent in most agro-products. The Places such as Punjab flourish on agricultural revenue. Though, many requisites need to be fulfilled for betterment of the occupation.

Farmers are the strength of the country. India rejoices Farmers Day in the remembrance of Chaudhary Charan Singh, the ex-Prime Minister. He was principally a farmer and his individual way of life was exceptionally plain. He was a lad of the soil and has done various deeds to enhance the scenario of Indian agriculture. His short continuance at the pinnacle has showcased a swing of agricultural reforms and policies introduced in India. Charan Singh’s farmer background assisted him comprehend actual constraints of the farmer and he contributed a lot to support them.

Chaudhary Charan Singh is attributed to invent and execute the well-known Zamindari Abolition Act. His ardent petition and compelling personality unified all the farmers against the landlords and moneylenders. He was even a very efficient author and expressed his feelings on farmers and their issues and remedies. Charan Singh died on 29 May 1987. Kisan Divas is appreciated for his precious services for the farmers of our nation. The entire country rejoices Farmers day. Farmers and people of rural society held agricultural concerts, celebrations and pay reverence to their adored leader. Fresh policies related to farming, agriculture, seeds etc are even declared by the government.

How is the day Celebrated?

• Government announces fresh policies for the benefit of the farmers.
• Kisan seminars are arranged at the divisional, district and block levels.
• Agricultural officers and agriculture scientists educate newest data to the farmers in such functions.
• The famers seminars are conducted at various agriculture science venues and agriculture knowledge venues
• The district rural development firm conducts seminars, fests and exhibitions on several factors of agriculture and rural development.
• The farmers are educated about agriculture insurance schemes.

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