List of Constitutional and Non-Constitutional Bodies in India

Constitutional Bodies are those bodies which are mentioned in the Indian Constitution to run the government properly. On the other hand some extra Constitutional bodies are established by the government after passing act in the Parliament; these bodies are also termed as Non-Constitutional Bodies (NCB) in India.
May 22, 2019 11:42 IST
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Constitutional bodies in India
Constitutional bodies in India

India is a democratic country which is run by the combination of Constitutional and Non-Constitutional Bodies in India.

Definition of Constitutional Bodies: These are the bodies which are mentioned in constitution of India and so considered as independent and more powerful.

Examples: Election Commission, Union Public Service Commission and National Commission for SCs and STs.

List of the Constitutional Bodies in India is;

 Name of the Constitutional Body

 Mentioned in

  Current Chairman

 1. Election Commission

 Article 324

 Sunil Arora (23rd)

 2. Union Public Service Commission

 Article-315 to 323

 Arvind Saxena

 3. State Public Service Commission

 Article-315 to 323

 Different in every state

 4. Finance Commission


 Dr. Y. V Reddy (14th )

 5. National Commission for SCs


 Ram Shankar Katheria

 6. National Commission for STs

 Article-338 A

 Nand Kumar Sai

 7. Comptroller and Auditor General of India


 Rajiv Mehrishi

 8. Attorney General of India


 K. K. Venugopal

 9. Advocate General of the State


 Different in every state

 10. Special officer for linguistic Minoritie s

 Article-350 B


Definition of Non-Constitutional Bodies: Non Constitutional or Extra Constitutional bodies are same. These bodies aren't defined in the Constitution of the country.  As Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is not a constitutional body because it was established in 1963 by a resolution of Ministry of Home Affairs.

Hence these are bodies which are formed by executive resolution or action, which means that they are formed by government’s action.

List of the Non-Constitutional Bodies in India is;

 Name of the Non- Constitutional Body

    Current Chairman

 1. NITI Aayog

 Narendra Modi

 2. National Development Council

 Narendra Modi

 3. National Human Right Commission

 Ex CJI H.L. Dattu

 4. State Human Right Commission

 Different in each state

 5. Central Bureau Of Investigation

 Rishi Kumar Shukla

 6. Central Vigilance Commission

 Shri K V Chowdary

 7. Lokpal and Lokayuktas

 Pinaki Chandra Ghose

 8.  State Information Commission

 Different in each state

 9. Central Information Commission

 Shri Sudhir Bhargava

So from the above explanation it is clear that government bodies are more powerful and permanent in nature while on the other Non-Constitutional Bodies are made as per the requirements of the country and can be abolished if the executive thinks so. As we have seen it in the case of Planning Commission of India which was replaced by the NITI Aayog on January 1, 2015.

The list of Non-Constitutional Bodies and Constitutional Bodies along with their respective chairmen is very important for various exams. Hence utmost care must be taken while going through this list.

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