List of Longest Glaciers outside Polar Region

Glaciers are the second largest reservoir of water and the largest freshwater reservoir on the Earth. In this article we are giving the name of Longest Glaciers outside Polar Region along with their location and length which is very useful for the competitive examinations like UPSC-prelims, SSC, State Services, NDA, CDS, and Railways etc.
Apr 2, 2019 16:12 IST
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List of Longest Glaciers outside Polar Region
List of Longest Glaciers outside Polar Region

The Earth is covered by three-fourth of the water. 97.3% water is saline or salty in oceans and seas, 3% is fresh water that consists ice-cap, ground water, fresh water lakes, inland and salt lakes.

The term glacier can be defined as a large, perennial accumulation of crystalline ice, snow, rock, sediment, and often liquid water that originates on land and moves down slope under the influence of its own weight and gravity.

They are found at the South Pole and the North Pole of the Earth. Outside the polar region, glaciers are found mainly in high altitude mountain ranges of Asia, America (North and South) and Europe.

Longest Glaciers outside Polar Region

1. Fedchenko Glacier  

Location: Yazgulem Range, Pamir Mountains, of north-central Gorno-Badakhshan province, Tajikistan

Length (in km): 77.00

2. Siachen Glacier       

Location: Eastern Karakoram Range in the Himalayas (India/Pakistan)  

Length (in km): 76.00

3. Biafo Glacier  

Location: Karakoram Mountains of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan-administrated Kashmir

Length (in km): 67.00

4. Bruggen Glacier       

Location: Chile   

Length (in km): 66

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5. Baltoro Glacier         

Location: Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan      

Length (in km): 63

6. Engilchek Glacier    

Location: Central Tian Shan Mountains of Issyk-Kul Region, north-eastern Kyrgyzstan

Length (in km): 60.50

7. Batura Glacier

Location: Gojal region of Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan

Length (in km): 57

8. Mingyong Glacier

Location: Yunnan Province, People's Republic of China

Length (in m): 6,740

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9. Furtwangler Glacier

Location: Near the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Area: 113,000 square metres

10. Jostedalsbreen Glacier

Location: Sogn og Fjordane in Western Norway

Length (in km): 60

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Glaciers and Climate Change

The climate on the Earth has changed throughout history. Glaciers are very sensitive to temperature variations. The phenomena like Global Warming and Global Dimming changing the Earth's climate. Many scientists pointed out that the glaciers have reduced in size by melting due to climate change.

The variation of climate will not only affect the glaciers, but also human life. If glaciers melt, then the human living in the low-lying areas will be at high risk due to floods and tsunami. Hence, we can say that the climate change affects the entire landforms on the Earth.

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