List of Prime Ministers of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one country which has always been in political turmoil. Take a look at the list of Prime Ministers who have participated in shaping the state and the future of the country below. Recently on September 7, 2021 a new Prime Minister has become in-charge.
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Afghanistan PM
Afghanistan PM

The Prime Minister of Afghanistan has been the talk of the town since the Taliban took over the capital.  President Ashraf Ghani's eloping and the State being left orphaned by US was a condemning act of cruelty watched on mute by the world. Recently on September 7, 2021, it was announced by the officials of Taliban that Mullah Hasan Akhund would be the acting Prime Minister of Afghanistan. Take a look at the list of Prime Minister's the nation has had till now below.

Prime Ministers of Afghanistan:

Prime Minister of Afghanistan has been a post within the cabinet of Afghanistan. It was created in 1927 as an official appointed by the King of the country. By that time Afghanistan was a Monarchical state. The Kingdom of Afghanistan ended in 1973 and the post till then was held by men who were the chief advisors of the King. 

List of Prime Ministers in the Kingdom of Afghanistan:

At the time Afghanistan was a Kingdom, the King himself was the chairman of the Council of Ministers. It was only in his absence that the Prime Minister was the acting chairman of the council. 

In 1963, it became that the head of the state would be the Prime Minister of Afghanistan and he had the power to summon the Electoral College in case the King died. 

Take a look at the list of all Prime Ministers below.  



Shir Ahmad


Shir Giyan

Jan-Nov 1929

Mohammad Hashim Khan


Amanat Lewana


Shah Mahmud Khan


Mohammed Daoud Khan


Mohammad Yusuf


Mohammad Hashim Maiwandwal


Abdullah Yaqta


Mohammad Nur Ahmad Etemadi


Abdul Zahir


Mohammad Musa Shafiq



List of Prime Ministers of Democratic Republic of Afghanistan:

Afghanistan became a Democratic Republic in 1978 when Mohammed Daoud Khan started the Saur Revolution. The President was incharge of the appointment of the Prime Minister during that time and it was the Prime Minister's job to appoint the Council of Ministers. Take a look at the list below.




Political Party

Nur Muhammad Taraki

May 1978-Mar 1979

People's Democratic Party

Hafizullah Amin

Mar 1979-Dec 1979

People's Democratic Party

Babrak Karmal

Dec 1979- Jun 1981

People's Democratic Party

Sultan Ali Keshtmand

Jun 1981- May 1988

People's Democratic Party

Mohammad Hasan Sharq

May 1988-Feb 1989


Sultan Ali Keshtmand

Feb 1989- May 1990

People's Democratic Party

Fazal Haw Khaliqyar

May 1990- Apr 1992

People's Democratic Party (Parcham Faction)

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List of Prime Ministers of Islamic State of Afghanistan:

The Government of Mohammad Najibullah had collapsed, creating a transitional state. The office of PM was then again in an important role in the history of the country. Take a look below.



Political Party

Abdul Sabur Farid Kohistani

July 1992-August 1992

Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin

Gulbuddin Hekmatayar

June 1993-June 1994

Hezb-e Gulbuddin

Arsala Rahmani Daulat

June 1994-1995

Ittehad-e Islami

Ahmad Shah Ahmadzai

1995- June 1996

Ittehad e Islami

Gulbuddin Hekmatayar

June 1996-Aug 1997

Hazb-e Islami Gulbuddin

Abdul Rahim Ghafoorzai

Aug 1997



List of Prime Ministers of Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan: 

The Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan cancelled the title when the Taliban took over it in 1996.  Take a look below.



Political Affiliation

Mullah Mohammad Rabbani

Sep 1996-Apr 2001


Abdul Kabir

Apr 2001-Nov 2001


Hasan Akhund

Sep 2021


The deputy leader of the Taliban was called the Prime Minister then. As Mohammad Rabbani died in 2001, this office of PM was not revived. The position of Prime Minister was finally reinstated in September 2021. So, this was the complete list of Prime Ministers of Afghanistan. Read more about the country and its crisis in the linked articles provided here. 

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