Why Indian Navy Day is celebrated on 4th December?

In India, the Navy Day is celebrated on 4th December every year. It is celebrated to commemorate the courageous attack on the Karachi harbour during the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971 by the Indian Naval Missile. Let us study more about Indian Navy Day through this article.
Dec 4, 2018 15:14 IST

Indian Navy Day is celebrated by several nations to recognize their navy. It is celebrated on 4th December every year in India, in remembrance to the start of Operation Trident during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. The Operation Trident emerged in the first use of anti-ship missiles in the area.

Navy Day in India is celebrated every year to recognize the splendour, great achievements and role of the naval force to the nation. Indian Navy is the marine branch of the India’s armed forces. This is led by the President of India as a Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Navy. Chhatarpati Shivaji Bhosle, the Maratha emperor of the 17th century is considered as the “Father of the Indian Navy”.

Indian Navy plays a significant role in securing the marine borders of the nation as well as accelerating the international relations of India through various means like seaport visits, joint ventures, patriotic missions, calamity relief and many others. Modern day Indian Navy has been transformed in order to improve the position of navy to the Indian Ocean area. Do you know that the Indian Navy has 67,000 employees and 295 naval arsenals. It is considered the most powerful force in South Asia. There are three divisions in the Indian Armed Forces: Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. Indian Army protects our land, Navy water and the Air Force protects us in the sky.

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How Indian Navy Day is celebrated?

On 4th December in remembrance of the daredevil attack on the naval base of Pakistan, at Karachi. The Western Naval Command of the Indian Navy with headquarters in Mumbai celebrated this great occasion by bringing together their ships and sailors.

The eastern Naval Command at Visakhapatnam plans all the activities and events which are to be conducted on the Navy Day celebrations. It starts with wreath laying ceremony at the war memorial (at RK Beach) and is followed by the practical demonstration to show the energy and skills of the naval submarines, ships, aircrafts and other forces. Numerous aircrafts are displayed by flying over the RK Beach which are made clean to keep away the birds in order to continue with smooth operations of the aircraft.

Reason for Navy Day Celebration

In India, the Navy Day is celebrated to remember and recognize the courageous attack on the Karachi border during the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war on 4th December. The theme which is usually used is “Safe Seas and Secure Coasts for a strong Nation”. During this day, the warships and aircrafts of the Indian naval are accessible to the visitors. The Military Photo Exhibition is organized by the journalists of the Ernakulum in the naval festival.

The Naval Institute of Aeronautical Technology (NIAT) conducts a community service from 24th to 26th November at Good Hope Old Age Home, Fort Kochi. In this the students take part to entertain the Naval Doctors. Navy Ball, Navy Queen and some other contests are also held in navy fest.

So, now you may come to know about the Navy Day and why it is celebrated on 4 December every year.

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