What is in the briefcase of India's PM Bodyguards?

The security of the Prime Minister is the main concern and the responsibility is with the Special Protection Force i.e. SPG. Most of the time, with the Prime Minister bodyguards remain. Have you ever noticed that these bodyguards also have a briefcase or suitcase in their hand? In this article we will discuss what is in the briefcase of the PM bodyguards and what they do with it.
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What is in the briefcase of India's PM Bodyguards?
What is in the briefcase of India's PM Bodyguards?

Prime Minister of India is the head of the Government of India. He is the chief advisor to the President of India and also head of the Council of Ministers. In the parliamentary system, the Prime Minister is the senior-most member of cabinet in the executive of government.

All of us are aware that the responsibility of the security of the Prime Minister is with SPG Special Protection Group. SPG also takes care of the safety of the former Prime Minister and his family. From where ever the Prime Minister passes, SPG's precise shooters are deployed in the rallies for the safety of PM. The SPG personnel are equipped with modern weapons like FNF-2000 assault rifles, automatic guns and some dangerous pistols like 17-M. But do you know that if the Prime Minister wants, he can refuse to take this security, it solely depends upon the PM whether to take it or not.

Have you ever noticed that these bodyguards also have a briefcase or suitcase in their hand? You have also seen it in the parade on 26 January. But have you ever thought that what is in the briefcase of these bodyguards? Why they carry it with them. Let us find out from the article.

How briefcase of SPG looks like
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This suitcase is actually a nuclear button, which is kept a few feet away from the prime minister and it looks very thin. Actually, this is a portable bullet proof shield or a portable folded ballistic shield which can be opened during the attack and provides the protection of NIG Level 3. Whenever security forces see some suspicious activity, they shake the shield downward to open it up for securing the prime minister from any attack. It acts as a shield that gives immediate and temporary protection to the VVIPs.

Briefcase of SPG is a nuclear protective shield
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There is also a secret pocket in the briefcase where the pistol is kept.

PM Bodyguard briefcase
Do you know that Indian Prime Minister does not have the monopoly to decide when and how to use the Indian nuclear weapons? The right to make a decision on this is with the Nuclear Command Authority.
There is also a Counter Assault Team (CAT) a quick responsive team with SPG. This team uses state of the art weapon systems like FN-2000, P-90, Glock-17, Glock-19 and FN-5. It is trained through a rigorous training regime and its specialty is that it takes fast action during any attack on the Prime Minister.

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What is Counter Assault team
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SPG also provides protection to the international guests which came from across the country, besides this they also provide protection to the specific individuals of the country who came on diplomatic trips. You can even notice and see them while checking every corner and eliminating every possible threat.
SPG comes under the Cabinet Secretariat and is commanded by the Director General who is the officer of Indian Police Service. SPG commandos are selected from the "Central Armed Police Force" and "Railway Protection Force" personnel. But the officers are from IPS or RPF officials. SPG is continuously providing the highest protection to VVIPs.

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