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    Who is Hari Singh Nalwa? All about the most feared Sikh warrior in Afghan history

    Hari Singh Nalwa was the famous Sikh soldier who was famous for the battles he fought against the Afghans. He was the real life Gabbar Singh who actually had the mothers of Afghan children use the phrase for him- Sleep else Haria Ragle would come. Take a look at the battles fought by him below.
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    Hari Singh Nalwa
    Hari Singh Nalwa

    With the US withdrawing its troops, Taliban taking over the capital and the former President eloping the country, Afghanistan has not been in a good shape. In Fact it has returned to its old cliche that Afghanistan is a graveyard of empires. 

    In all this chaos, Hari Singh Nalwa, a Sikh commander who had once tamed the forces in the country earned the name of most feared Sikh warrior. Know the reason below.

     Hari Singh Nalwa is actually famous for being the real life Gabbar Singh. In those times the mothers used  to silence their crying babies in the name of Hari Singh. He was called Haria Ragle by them.

    Take a look below to know more about this warrior. 

    About Hari Singh Nalwa:

    Hari Singh was born in 1791 and left the Earth in 1837. He was the Commander in Chief of the Sikh Khalsa Fauj which was the army of the Sikh empire. He has a major role in the conquest of Kasur, Attock, Sialkot, Multan, Kashmir, Peshawar and Jamrud. His major achievement includes expansion of the Sikh empire beyond Indus. 

    He was one of the most trustworthy commanders in Maharaja Ranjit Singh's army. 

    He was the Governor of Kashmir, Hazara and Peshawar. 

    He became famous when he defeated the Afghans in various regions including the border of Afghanistan. 

    The title of Nalwa:

    He was given the title of Nalwa which was attached to his name as he killed a tiger at a very young age. He was also called Bagh Maar for the very same reason. 

    As per the folklore associated with this title, Hari Singh was attacked by the tiger suddenly during one of his hunting expeditions. He had no time to pull his sword at that moment. In the last ditch attempt he held the tigers jaws and pushed him back only to pull his sword to kill it. 

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    Successful wars fought by Hari Singh Nalwa:

    Take a look at the wars fought by Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Hari Singh Nalwa. 

    Name of the Battle


    Battle of Barnala


    Battle of Kasur


    Battle of Sialkot


    Battle of Jammu


    Battle of Attock


    Battle of Multan


    Battle of Shopian


    Battle of Mangal


    Battle of Mankera


    Battle of Nowshera


    Battle of Sirikot


    Battle of Saidu


    Battle of Peshawar


    Battle of Jamrud


    Historians are of the view that had Hari Singh Nalwa not won so many battles against the Afghans, the parts of Kashmir would have been in Afghanistan. 

    Maharaja Ranjit Singh's vision and Nalwa's bravery was the reason why Pakistan and India were safe from Afghan lords. They took control of Peshawar and the North West Frontier Province to stop the Afghan forces there itself. There could have also been incursions in Punjab and Delhi.  The Indian Government also honoured Nalwa by introducing a stamp with his picture in 2013. 

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