Asian Academy of Film & Television (AAFT) University, Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh, Raipur|Estd:2018

Master of Arts (M.A.) Cinema + Diploma

  • Duration:2.0 Years
  • Intake:
  • Fees:0.0 LAC
  • Course level :PG
  • Course Mode:Full Time

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Course Descriptions

The two-year Master’s in Cinema + Diploma aims to help students develop their creative abilities and technical mastery in the fields of directing, editing, sound, screenplay and production of at least 12-15 films and includes a lot of theoretical aspect of film production as well.

Through this dual “degree + diploma” course, we set out to encourage the development of a subjective, unusual approach to cinema, and an understanding of every stage of film production. Other than learning the regular subjects, students get an opportunity to get trained in their area of specialization and get a diploma in either of the four major core areas i.e. Acting, Cinematography, Direction and Editing.

Learning is based around short film production, advertisement film production, documentary film production, etc. The university nurtures the skill base for each production, providing the equipments and training students to new levels in each of the various craft skills. Students make all aesthetic decisions, while solving problems similar to those faced by professional units, with an approach to work under increasing difficulty levels. The work is constantly monitored and critiqued by faculties.


  1. Direction specialization
  2. Screenwriting
  3. Editing specialization
  4. Art Direction
  5. Film Studies
  6. Cinematography specialization
  7. Acting specialization
  8. Sound Recording

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