The Design Village, Noida

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Estd: 2014| Approved By : UGC

About Institute


The Design Village is an interdisciplinary, industry- centric design institute, based out of Noida, New Delhi in India. At TDV, all fields of design come together for essential interdisciplinary interactions. TDV organizes meaningful faculty and student exchanges with international institutes and organizations. TDV works closely with the industry and professionals to maintain a strong focus on the real-world relevance and application of design.

The Village is a metaphor for the design village both in its physicality and philosophy. Much like an actual village, the design village is an organic whole where culture is respected and rediscovered. A space where one feels a sense of belonging and responsibility, where values of empathy are nurtured by supporting fellow villagers and the village itself. It aspires to be an energetic and thoughtful place where designers want to be and teachers want to teach. Alternately, the village is not just limited to the physical campus but also the virtual design network of inspiring teachers, academicians, researchers, professionals and associates around the world.


The Design Village believes in impact through design, life through design. For TDV, design does not only solve problems of today, but also proposes new ways for the future. To fulfill this ambition, TDV aims to nurture and educate individuals by giving them a choice to not limit themselves to any particular field of design.

Additionally, TDV also aims to nurture and educate individuals by not limiting them to any particular field of design. Students may choose to not specialize in a particular discipline, but can be independent non- silo designers who can impact and change the world through design in any and every medium imaginable, echoing the ethos that a good designer can design anything.

Design today, is no longer about decoration. It is about altering conditions, changing behaviors, creating experiences, finding new meanings, building identities and evolution. And therefore, design education today, is not just about understanding technology and developing skills. It is about critical thinking, communication, collaboration, cultural awareness, civic engagement, collective responsibility and creative leadership. It is about connecting design with impact to nurture individuals with the capacity to envision goals and the skills to realize them.

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Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201301

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