AHSEC to start including Bihu as an Elective Subject in Assam Class 12 curriculum from 2020

Created On: Jun 11, 2019 14:15 IST
Modified on : Jun 11, 2019 14:19 IST

The Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC), responsible for designing the curriculum and announcing the result of the state’s Higher Secondary exam is going to introduce Bihu as an elective subject in the course as an elective subject starting from the year 2020. Students who choose Bihu as their elective subject will be required to attempt the question paper of 100 marks, which will comprise theory as well as practical segments.

The Council organised a workshop with a number of Bihu experts and academicians to structure out a roadmap for the including the folk dance as an elective subject. AHSEC also deliberated on what the contents of Bihu textbooks should be and decided on the curriculum and syllabus after discussion with the experts.

Kamal Jyoti Gogoi, AHSEC Secretary, in a statement to a local newspaper stated that the decision to include BIhu as a full-fledged subject in the higher secondary curriculum has been taken after careful consideration of the popularity of the dance form and the need to impart its proper knowledge among the younger generation. Among other topics, the instruments like Bihu pepa, dhol, gogona, Bihu naam and different segments of the Bihu dance would be included in the curriculum.

He also revealed that though AHSEC is yet to contemplate on the segregation of marks between theory and practical segments, due importance would be given to the practical aspect. Considering that practical knowledge of Bihu is of paramount importance, a lot of suggestions are in favour of practical carrying more weightage. Gogoi said that the marks would soon be finalised and the coursework will begin from the year 2020. Another popular dance form, the Sattriya dance is already being taught as elective subject in the HS Arts Stream under the AHSEC designed curriculum.


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