CBSE class 10 results 2019: Most of the students placed in compartment exams failed in Mathematics

Created On: May 16, 2019 13:11 IST
Modified on : May 16, 2019 13:22 IST


CBSE Class 10 Result 2019: The Directorate of Education (DoE) on Wednesday began a focused intervention to increase the pass numbers in mathematics and science through the CBSE compartment examination. This move was taken due to the subjects being identified as the weakest among the Delhi Government Schools students in the Class 10 board examination.

In the results of the CBSE class 10 board examinations which were released last week, the Delhi Government schools registered the lowest pass percentage of 71 .58 percentage which was even below the national pass percentage of 91.10 percent. These numbers show that among the 1,66,167 students who appeared for the examination form these schools 1,18,936 students passed. When you divide the students who failed the examination, 2, 715 students failed while 4,4,516 students appeared for the compartment exams. These students will get a second chance to appear for the examination in July 2019.

These numbers evidently show that mathematics is the weakest among the students. Among the students appearing for the compartment examination 31, 255 students failed in only one subject. Of these, 24, 502 students failed only in mathematics which makes up close to 51.88 percent of the students who did not pass the examination. Among those students who failed in only one subject, 6, 092 students failed only in science.

The directors mentioned that it was found that if a push was given to these two subjects through focused interventions there are chances that the pass percentage will cross 90 percent after the compartment examination.

According to the guidelines circulated by the government school heads, in the summer vacation from May to June, remedial classes will be conducted regularly for those students who will be appearing for the compartment examination. The classes will be conducted subject wise of close to 30 students in all the schools. The primary focus of the classes will be mathematics and science. The DoE has also issued centralized directions on topics which teachers have to focus on these subjects.

The circular also mentioned that this move is important as the Class 10 board examination is the first ever public exam in a student’s life. It must be made sure that all of them pass it this year itself. This will not only save the students from repeating the same class but also help in raising their self-esteem.

The directorate has also motivated that teachers and principals of the schools to make sure that high percentages are secured. The teachers have been informed that a batch which has 80 percent and above as pass percentage in a school will be considered during the annual performance appraisals of the teachers. The remedial classes commenced on Wednesday and will continue until June 29, 2019.

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