Coronavirus 17th April Updates: Lockdown Working, COVID-19 cases doubling rate comes down to 6.2, says Govt

Published on : Fri 17 Apr 2020 06:05 PM IST

Coronavirus Live Updates in India: India’s tally of total Coronavirus Positive Cases soared past 13000 mark on Friday Morning as per the latest update provided by the Health Ministry. Death toll in India due to COVID-19 also grew to 452. The health ministry website’s database of COVID-19 positive cases in India states that so far total 13,835 cases of infection have been reported from across the country. Of this, 11616 are active cases, while 1766 cases have undergone treatment and been cured and discharged from hospitals. Today, RBI governor Shaktikanta Das also addressed the annoucing important measures to revive the ailing economy from the COVID-19 impact. Globally, more than 2.07 million people have been infected by the novel coronavirus globally while 1,38,482 have died.

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Total Cases in India cross 13k markDeath Toll Rises to 452RBI announces measures to revive economy
  • 17 Apr 06:53 PM

    Can you get COVID-19 infection from your food?

    With total 72 families put under quarantine in Delhi's Malviya Nagar after a Pizza Delivery boy tested positive for Coronavirus on April 14, the question that is now bothering everyone is can the COVID-19 infection spread through food. The incident has raised concerns among the people whether they can catch the Coronavirus disease from their food.

    Know, if Coronavirus can be transmitted through food or not here.

  • 17 Apr 06:05 PM

    COVID-19 Cases Doubling Rate Slow Down to 6.2 from 3 Days, before lockdown

    Highlighting the effectiveness of the lockdown announced due to Coronavirus in India, officials from the Health Ministry said that the 40 day lockdown announced by the government has helped India flatten the curve and thereby reduce the pressure on the health infrastructure. Officials said that prior to the lockdown, the doubling rate of COVID-19 cases was just 3 days, which has now extended and currently stands at 6.2 days.

  • 17 Apr 06:03 PM

    Key Statistics from Health Ministry Presser

    Officials from the Union Health Ministry in their evening briefing provided important updates including some key statistical updates that help us understanding government’s efforts and its preparedness to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. The key statistics shared by health ministry are as follows:

    • Total Number of Dedicated COVID-19 hospitals: 1919
    • Total Number of Isolation Beds available in India: 1.73 lakh
    • Total Number of ICU Beds readied for COVID cases: 21,800
    • Total Number of COVID-19 tests conducted so far: 3,19,400
    • Total Number of COVID-19 tests conducts yesterday: 28,340

  • 17 Apr 05:53 PM

    Total Number of Cases in India rise to 13,835

    According to the details shared by the Union Health Ministry, the national tally of COVID-19 positive cases in India grew to 13853 on Friday evening. Of the total number of cases, 11616 are active cases currently undergoing treatment while 1766 patients have recovered and discharged from the hospital. Death Toll due to COVID-19 currently stands at 452. 


  • 17 Apr 04:36 PM

    China revised Wuhan Death Toll by 50 percent

    According to PTI report, China has revised its Coronavirus Death Toll to 4632 on Friday citing data discrepancies. The revision comes after it revised the fatality figures from Wuhan – the initial epicentre of the outbreak by nearly 50%. The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases from Wuhan was revised to 50,333, an addition of 325 while the Death toll for Wuhan was revised from 1290 to 3869, as per the official Xinhua news agency

  • 17 Apr 04:10 PM

    Rajasthan State Tally rises to 1,193

    According to the details provided by Rajasthan Health Department, the overall state tally for COVID-19 positive cases in the state soard to 1193 on Friday afternoon. On similar lines, the overall death toll in the state also grew to 17, with death of a 56-year old patient today due to cardiac complications. Today, 62 fresh cases have been reported in Rajasthan.

  • 17 Apr 02:43 PM

    Amit Shah lauds RBI for relief measures, says Modi Govt committed to fight COVID

    Home Minister Amit Shah today said that Prime Modi and his government are completely committed to fight COVID-19 battle on all the fronts. He lauded RBI for announcing proactive measures to help ailing Indian economy due to COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • 17 Apr 01:57 PM

    India lifts ban on export of formulations made from Paracetamol

    The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) said in a notification that the formulations made from Paracetamol including fixed-dose combinations will be made available for export with immediate effect.

    Get Complete Details Here.

  • 17 Apr 01:45 PM

    No Fee hike by Private Schools in Delhi: Manish Sisodia

    Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia today announced that private schools will not be allowed to hike their fees arbitrarily during the lockdown period. He also said that many parents have complained that schools are also levying many other charges including transportation fees, which is not a utility they provide currently due to on-going lockdown. He said that private schools based in Delhi will be allowed to charge only the tuition fees that too on monthly basis, without any extra charges. 

  • 17 Apr 01:26 PM

    PM on RBI’s new measures

    PM Modi lauds RBI for taking proactive measures to boost ailing Indian economy due to COVID-19 impact. He said that the measures announced today by RBI will greatly facilitate liquidity and credit flow in the financial system.

  • 17 Apr 01:22 PM

    India to export hydroxychloroquine to 55 Covid-19-affected nations

    India has decided to supply anti-malarial drug 'hydroxychloroquine' to 55 countries including the US, the UK, Russia and France. India is exporting the drug to 21 of these countries on a commercial basis and the remaining will receive it on a grant in very small quantities. 

    Get Complete Details Here.

  • 17 Apr 12:36 PM

    GoM Meeting underway on COVID-19

    Group of Union Ministers (GoM) met today at Nirman Bhawan to review the current situation prevailing in the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The ministers were also joined by Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat.

  • 17 Apr 12:10 PM

    US reports 4500 COVID-19 Deaths in 24 Hours

    United State,  which has been hit the worst by the COVID-19 pandemic, saw its single largest day spike in the number of deaths. According to the Johns Hopkins University, the total number of Deaths reported in the US in the last 24 hours stood at 4591. The previous highest was 2,569 on Wednesday. Globally, Covid-19 has so far claimed more than 1,44,000 lives and infected over 2.1 million people.

  • 17 Apr 11:12 AM

    COVID-19 Cases in India soar past 13000 mark

    As per the latest data provided by the Union Health Ministry, the total number novel Coronavirus infections in the country have soared past 13000 mark. Currently, India’s tally of COVID-19 positive cases stand at 13387, of which 11201 are active cases, while 1749 have been discharged. The death toll has also grown to 437 as on Friday Morning.

  • 17 Apr 11:11 AM

    Gujarat State Tally rises to 1032

    Gujarat reported 92 fresh COVID-19 cases and 1 more death in the last 24 hours. The current state tally of Gujarat for positive Coronavirus cases stands at 1032.

  • 17 Apr 11:02 AM

    Key measures announced by RBI Today

    Key measures announced by RBI Today

    The following are the key measures announced by the Reserve Bank of India to boost the ailing Indian Economy due to COVID-19

    1. Rs 50,000 crore to small and mid-size firms
    2. Rs 50,000 crore support to NABARD, SIDBI for NBH and Refinancing
    3. Reverse Repo Rate Reduced by 25 basis points to 3.75%
    4. 60% more funds to states trough borrowing under WMA
    5. 3 Month Moratorium period to be excluded from 90-day NPA period
    6. NBFCs allowed to extend Real Estate Loans by 1 year, if projects are delayed
    7. Banks, Co-operative Banks not required to pay any dividends

  • 17 Apr 11:00 AM

    Rs 50000 crore Liquidity support to Agri, Small Businesses

    RBI Governor today announced that it will be providing additional liquidity support to NABARD, SIDBI and NHB. The break for the same is:

    • National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development - NABARD: Rs 25,000cr
    • Small Industries Development Bank of India - SIDBI: Rs 15000cr
    • National Housing Bank – NHB: Rs 10000cr

  • 17 Apr 10:40 AM

    4 Key areas of Focus for RBI to Boost Economy

    RBI Governor has announced additional measures to boost economy which is currently reeling under the COVID-19 lockdown.

    1. Maintain aqequate liquidity in the market
    2. Facilitate and incentivise credit growth
    3. Ease Financial Stress
    4. Proper Functioning of Markets

  • 17 Apr 10:28 AM

    Watch RBI Governor's address Here

    Watch the complete press conference of RBI Governor in which he announced additonal measures to boost the ailing economy. 

  • 17 Apr 10:18 AM

    India to cling on to 1.9 percent growth rate: RBI Guv

    Giving an overview of the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy, RBI Governor said that India is likely to cling on to the 1.9% positive growth rate as estimated by IMF. He also said that IMF has estimated the cumulative loss to global GDP in 2021, 2022 at USD 9 trillion.

  • 17 Apr 10:16 AM

    RBI Governor Thanks Corona Warriors

    RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das in his address today lauded all Corona warriors who are on the front lines of India’s fight against COVID-19. He also said that the central bank is closely monitoring the evolving situation both domestically and globally and is responding accordingly. He also thanked Banks and financial institutions have risen to the occasion and ensured smooth functioning.

  • 17 Apr 09:59 AM

    Trump to open up US Economy in 3 Stages

    US President Donald Trump today announced that his administration will be adopting a graded approach for reopening of the US Economy and lift the lockdown announced earlier. The US’s plan for reopening of economy is only applicable to states which report 14-day "downward trajectory" in their coronavirus cases.

    • Phase 1: Strict Social Distancing for all people venturing out in public spaces. Gathering of 10 or more people to be avoided.
    • Phase 2: Encourage people to practice social distancing. Gathering of 50 or more not recommended. Resumption of travel and limited public transport
    • Phase 3: Precautionary move towards restoring of normalcy. Focus on identification and isolation of new infections.

  • 17 Apr 09:54 AM

    Gujarat Scientists decode novel Coronavirus genome

    Scientists at Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre (GBRC) have successfully decoded the complete genome sequencing for the novel Coronavirus which causes COVID-19. Gujarat CMO has lauded GBRC to for being the first state government laboratory in the country to achieve this feat.

  • 17 Apr 09:44 AM

    Markets soar ahead of RBI Guv’s Address

    Markets opened today in green, ahead of RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das’s address to media today. Sources have hinted that the Central Bank may announce additional stimulus to revive the economy which is impacted due to COVID-19 lockdown. At opening of markets, Sensex soared over 1,050 points while Nifty was trading above 9,300.

  • 17 Apr 09:31 AM

    RBI Governor to address media at 10 AM

    RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das is all set to address media at 10 AM. This will be RBI Governor’s second press briefing since the COVID-19 crisis began. According to industry sources, RBI Governor in his address today may additional relief to revive the economy which is currently reeling under the impact of the Coronavirus lockdown.  

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