Kerala SSLC Exam 2019: Girl rides horse to exam centre, gets praised by Anand Mahindra

Created On: Apr 8, 2019 13:50 IST
Modified on : Apr 8, 2019 13:47 IST

Kerala SSLC Exam 2019: It is not easy to ride a horse as it requires skills and practice, and if it is to be ridden by a teenage girl then it is certain many will be left in utmost surprise. However, there is no dearth of talent and skills in the country and the recent ride of a teenage girl from Kerala proves the same.

The incident took place in Kerala when a teenage girl rode a horse to reach to her exam venue for final exams. Someone recorded her ride and posted on social media; since then it is getting a hit all around. The video that has gone viral on social media clearly showing a teengae girl riding a horse to reach her school. The video is from Thrissur district in Kerala. The girl on the horse is from class X and she was on her way to exam centre.

The video was tweeted by someone and got instant likes and retweets from the users. The 17 second video is showing how the girl is riding the horse like a professional rider. She was in her school uniform and had her carry bags on her back. While on ride, the girl maintained a constant speed and a biker passing by made the video of the rider. Once the video is posted on social media, it bacame an instant hit.

The video was praised by Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. He  praised the girl in his tweet by saying that the video deserved to go viral. Mr. Mahindra also tweeted claiming it to be “Incredible India.” In another of his tweet, Mr. Mahindra called the girl her hero and wanted to have a picture of hers as he wanted to save that as screensaver. It was not just Mr. Mahindra but other users also shower their praise on the teenage girl by tweeting. The girl really deserves applause and praise from everyone as she had an impeccable skill of horse riding.

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