Live Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 Updates: Students will give rise to 'New Bharat' shape India's destiny, says PM

Published on : Mon 20 Jan 2020 01:36 PM IST

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 LIVE Updates: At the annual event of Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 being held at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is meeting with over 2000 students today. This is the 3rd Edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha Event organized till date. PM Modi, is meeting up with the students who will be appearing for the 2020 Board Exams and annual exams in the coming months and will share some interesting tips and tricks with them. Apart from this, the Honourable Prime Minister will also discuss about dealing with stress and anxiety in this crucial period and share valuable inputs which the students can utilize to help them keep their worries at bay. 

Stay tuned for live updates from PM Modi’s Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 Event Here


PM Modi says students will define India in new decadeOnly Students to ask questions to PM ModiLive Stream @ Doordarshan, YouTube
  • 29 Jan 11:49 AM

    About Career Options and Choices


    At Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 event, a student sought PM Modi’s help in selecting the right career choice from the several options that are available to them today. In response, PM acknowledged that picking a career and right career choice is very difficult for the students. However, he said that while picking a career, it is important for students to understand their aptitude, interests and passions. He also added that keeping a diary that contains various ideas and interests will help students to understand themselves better and help pick the right career option.

  • 01 Feb 11:03 AM

    Students will give rise to the New Bharat

    Concluding the 3rd Edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha, PM Modi said that as India enters a new decade this year, students who participated in Pariksha Pe Charcha in Delhi as well as those who connected with him via Televised Broadcast and Live Streaming are the agents of change who will give rise to the ‘New Bharat’. He also added that in 2047, when India celebrates its 100th Independence Day, these students will be leading the country and it will be an honour for him to say that he got a chance to interact with them in 2020.

  • 22 Jan 06:19 PM

    PM begins Pariksha Pe Charcha

    PM Modi began Pariksha Pe Charcha event by introducing himself as a friend and shared new year greetings with students. He said that 2020 marks the advent of a new decade and the students who are appearing for Class 10 and Class 12 exams this year will define the path that India takes in this new decade.

  • 22 Jan 06:19 PM

    PM Modi tweets about Pariksha Pe Charcha Event

    PM Modi sent out an early morning tweet today, expressing his excitement to meet students today at the Pariksha Pe Charcha Event. He said “It is always a delight to connect with India’s youth. Their energy and vibrancy are unparalleled. Today we would talk about numerous subjects relating to exams and even life beyond exams.”

    Pariksha Pe Charcha Programme will also be streamed live on Narendra Modi Youtube Channel for which link is given below

    Watch Pariksha Pe Charcha Programme @ Narendra Modi Youtube Channel - Direct Link

  • 20 Jan 01:28 PM

    How to Overcome Exam Stress?

    Talking about exam stress and tips to overcome it, PM Modi said that the stress is not due to exams but it is related to the ambition of becoming something. You think that if you fail the exam, you'd fail to become that. It is this tension that bothers students. Mostly students want to become someone, be it engineer, doctor, astronaut, writer or a journalist; this ambition puts a lot of pressure on students.

    To overcome exam stress, PM Modi advises students to build a vision to do something rather than becoming someone. He added that exams and marks is not everything in one’s life but rather is just part of their life. No exam can withhold a student who works hard to achieve their ambition and dreams. He also urged students to read his book ‘Exam Warriors’ which will solve other answers related to exam stress give them tips to overcome exam anxiety.

  • 20 Jan 01:10 PM

    Right Time to Study

    Answering a question about deciding the right time to study, PM Modi said that selecting the right time to study plays a very important role in cracking any examination. He also added that students often prefer studying at night, but at night our mind is preoccupied and therefore focusing on studies might be more difficult. He also said that along with the right time, it is important for students to have a healthy mind which will help them focus on their studies.

    He also said that scientific studies have shown that morning is the best time to study for students. However, these are general advice and students instead must identify the time that they are most comfortable with.

  • 20 Jan 01:05 PM

    Pursue vs Pressure

    PM Modi also gave some important advice to the students in which he asked parents, teachers and mentors to allow students to pursue studies instead of pressurizing them. He asked parents to think about the childhood days when their kids were 4 or 5 years old; at that time parents didn’t pressure them but only motivated them. Parents need to adopt this approach for children who are appearing for board exams as well. Students shouldn’t be pressured but instead allowed to pursue a variety of things while making sure they are on the right track towards holistic development.

  • 20 Jan 01:01 PM

    Duties and Responsibilities of Citizens

    While talking about the Duties of citizens, PM Modi said that citizens have an array of responsibilities and duties towards the nation that if performed properly in daily life can help the country grow and move ahead. Citing a few examples, he said that if all citizens resolve that they will promote Make in India and only buy things that are India made, it will help boost our economy. Similarly, he said that to strengthen the country, citizens should save water and not let it flow needlessly. Similarly, students should not waste electricity and only use it when needed. Citing another example, PM said that something as simple as not travelling on trains without tickets is also duty that citizens should perform in their daily life. He said such simple duties and responsibilities can help the country move forward.

  • 20 Jan 12:56 PM

    Duties vs Rights

    Through the 5th Question of Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020, students sought PM Modi’s views about the conflict between Duties and Rights and how they can maintain balance between these two to become good citizens. In response, PM Modi said that duties and rights of citizen are symbiotic and if fundamental duties are performed properly by citizens their rights will be taken care of automatically.

    PM Modi hoped that students act on the Fundamental Duties enshrined in Constitution to help the country move ahead.

  • 20 Jan 12:18 PM

    Define Technology Free Hour

    To help students overcome technological addiction or to avoid technology overpowering their lives, PM asks students to set aside Technology Free Hour, during which they will give up their gadgets and indulge in other activities. He also asks students to set aside technology free zones where students,  parents or family members are not allowed to enter with their gadgets. This will force meaningful and social interactions among the family members. 

  • 20 Jan 12:09 PM

    Role of Technology in Students’ Life

    The 4th Question of Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 focused on Development of new technology and its role in a student’s life. PM Modi said that since the advent of 21st Century, technology has become an integral part of our life, be it as a student or professional. PM Modi asked students not to be scared or evolving and new and upcoming technologies and adopt them to make their life better.

    However, he also warned that technology has a tendency to steal time from a student. He gave example of a smartphone and the amount of time that it takes away from a students’ life. Therefore, he warned students to be drive the technology in their life and devotee time accordingly instead of technology driving their life completely.

  • 20 Jan 12:04 PM

    Balance between Studies and Co-curricular Activities

    The 3rd Question of Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020  requested PM Modi to share his views on how students can balance between their academic studies and Co-curricular activities during their student life. In response, PM said that academic studies and co-curricular activities go hand in hand and to have holistic personality development, students need to focus on both. He asked students to take up extracurricular activities about which they are truly passionate about. However, PM also warned parents who make their children opt for extracurricular only as a fashion statement or to brag about it to society and friends.

  • 20 Jan 11:57 AM

    Importance of Marks

    The 2nd Question for Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020  came from  Uttarakhand about importance of marks and how much importance should students give marks. On this front, PM Modi said that undue emphasis is being laid only on securing marks in examination. Today, students have limitless opportunities before them and those are not merely defined on the basis of marks only. Typically, parents and teachers ask students to score more marks as a motivating tool but that puts a lot of pressure on students. Today, even if one is not able to secure good marks, there are varied and ample opportunities available to students.

  • 20 Jan 11:49 AM

    PM Modi answers how to stay motivated during exam preparation

    Answering a question from students about staying motivated during exam preparation, PM Modi said that staying motivated is definitely a challenge that one encounters through their life, be it during exam preparation or after that. But it is important to pick one ourselves after a failure and be motivated to overcome the challenge. He talked about Chandrayaan 2 failure and the way it affected him and the ISRO scientists and people of India in General but still country bounced back and moved ahead for the next project. He said that students should take inspiration and feel motivated from them. 

  • 20 Jan 11:39 AM

    PM begins PPC 2020 #WithoutFilter

    Terming the Pariksha Pe Charcha as one of his favourite events through the year, PM termed the Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 as a frank discussion about the upcoming exams and stress that comes along with it. PM termed himself as a friend to the students and asked them to put forth any queries that they might have to which he will try and give honest and frank answers #WithoutFilter

  • 20 Jan 11:23 AM

    HRD Minister addresses students at Pariksha Pe Charcha

    HRD Minister Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank welcomes PM Modi and students who have come from various parts of the country for Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020. Dr Pokhriyal talks about various new initiatives and programmes launched by MHRD in line with the PM Modi’s vision to enhance the opportunities available to the students at both school level as well as at the level of higher education level. He specifically talks about Atal Tinkering Labs and introduction of Artificial Intelligence at school level in line with PM’s slogan of ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyan’.

  • 20 Jan 11:08 AM

    PM Modi reaches event, goes through posters submitted by students

    PM Modi has reached Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi where Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 is scheduled to take place at 11 AM. On his way, he is going through an exhibition of posters submitted by students from across the country on theme on various themes decided for Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020. PM Modi is also joined by Union HRD Minister Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank for the event.


  • 20 Jan 10:56 AM

    4 Students to Moderate Event

    Unlike the previous editions of Pariksha Pe Charcha events, where professional anchors were roped in to moderate the event, this year, 4 students from various Kendriya Vidyalaya's would be moderating the hour long event. This change was introduced by MHRD in order to make it a completely student centric event with key focus only on students and their queries. For this year’s event, only students are allowed to ask questions to PM Modi unlike previous events where questions were also invited form teachers and parents. 

  • 20 Jan 10:34 AM

    Students selected on basis of Essay Competition Results

    In order to select students who will get to ask questions to PM Modi, MHRD had held an all India level Essay Writing Competition. The competition required students to draft a short essay and express their views on any of the following five topics given below:

    1. Gratitude is Great: A short write-up on people, who a student thinks played an important role in their academic journey and why they are grateful to that person.
    2. Your future depends on your Aspirations: An essay on the goals and career aspirations of students
    3. Examining Exams: Student needed to write their opinions on prevailing examination systems and suggestions how to better it.
    4. Our Duties, Your Take: Essay on duties of citizens and how one can inspire everyone to become more dutiful citizens.
    5. Balance is Beneficial: A write-up on balanced activities of students apart from their curriculum.

  • 20 Jan 10:16 AM

    Where to Watch Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020?

    PM Modi’s Pariksha Pe Charcha event will be live telecast on Dooradarshan (DD). To ensure that maximum number of students are able to take advantage of and inspiration from PM Modi’s tips, special sessions are scheduled to be held at all Government and CBSE schools as well as higher education institutions across the country. The Event will also be live streamed on the YouTube channel of MHRD and will also be available on various other social media platforms. 

    Watch Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 - Live Stream Link

  • 20 Jan 09:58 AM

    3rd Edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha Today

    Today, PM Modi will interact with students in the 3rd Edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha Event which will be held at Talkatora Stadium based in New Delhi. The event is expected to be attended by nearly 2000 students during which PM Modi will interact with students and answer their questions about upcoming exams, stress management and keeping exam anxiety at bay.

  • 20 Jan 09:58 AM

    2.6 Lakh Entries Received from Students

    The HRD Ministry held an essay writing competition to select students who will participate in the Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020. As per the official numbers shared by the ministry, around 2.6 lakh entries were received this year from students across India who wanted to participate in the event. Last year, it was around 1.4 lakh entries.

  • 20 Jan 09:55 AM

    HRD Minister Tweets about Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020

    Union HRD Minister Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank sent out a tweet today from his official twitter account inviting students to catch PM Narendra Modi’s Pariksha Pe Charcha during which PM will share inspirational stories and tips to ace examinations and overcome challenges in life. He also gave a unique equation for the event which removes the element of worry from examinations i.e. #PPC2020 = Exams - Worries = Happiness.

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