Coronavirus Updates from 14th April: Total 10,815 total cases of which 9,272 active, 1,190 cured, 353 deaths, says Health Ministry

Published on : Tue 14 Apr 2020 05:44 PM IST

PM Modi Speech Live: PM Modi in his national address today announced that the national lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic has been extended to 3rd May 2020. PM Narendra Modi in his speech thanked people for their disciplined approach during the lockdown period and also said that the their sacrifices and efforts have helped the country control the damage due to Coroanvirus. On Tuesday i.e. 14th April 2020, the total number of positive cases in India crossed 10000 mark and stands at 10363, as per the details provided by Health Ministry. Currently, the total number of active cases is 8988. Of the total number of cases, 1211 fresh cases and 31 Deaths have been reported in last 24 Hours.

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Lockdown extended till 3rd May 2020Passenger Trains, Airline Ops SuspendedTotal Cases rise above 10000 mark
  • 14 Apr 05:51 PM

    Health Ministry Shared Updated Tally for COVID-19 cases

    Health Ministry’s website has shared updated national tally for COVID-19 positive cases in India. According to the updated numbers, the total number of cases in India stands at 10,815 total cases. The break-up for the same includes 9,272 active cases which are currently undergoing treatment, 1,190 patients which have been cured and discharged from hospitals and 353 deaths.


  • 14 Apr 05:53 PM

    1,463 new cases, 29 Deaths reported in last 24 hours: Health Ministry

    According to the details shared by the Health Ministry, in last 24 hours, a total of 1,463 new cases for COVID-19 have been reported from across the country. During the same time, the Death Toll has grown by 29. With rise of over 1400 cases in 24 Hours, 14th April marks the sharpest spike in the total number of COVID cases in India in a single day.

  • 14 Apr 05:07 PM

    ICMR Briefing on COVID-19 Testing

    ICMR officials also briefed the media persons as part of the Health Ministry’s evening press meet. The key findings or observations shared by ICMR during the press meet are as follows:

    • Total Number of Govt Labs conducting COVID-19 Tests: 166
    • Total Number of Pvt Labs conducting COVID-19 Tests: 70
    • Total Number of Samples Tested So far: 2,31,902
    • Total Samples Tested in last 24 Hours: 21,635
    • Total Samples Tested in Govt Labs in Last 24 Hours: 18,644
    • Total Samples Tested in Pvt Labs in Last 24 Hours: 2991

  • 14 Apr 05:07 PM

    Health Ministry briefing on COVID-19

    The Union Health Ministry officials held their regular evening briefing to appraise media persons about the latest developments in the field of COVID-19. The key highlights from the briefing are as follows:

    • Total COVID-19 case in India stand at 10,363
    • Total Active cases in India: 8988
    • Number of Patients who have recovered from virus is 1036
    • Number of Cases Reported in Last 24 Hours: 1211
    • Number of Patients Recovered in Last 24 Hours: 179
    • Death toll at 339, 31 Reported in Last 24 Hours

  • 14 Apr 04:08 PM

    Areas with 3 cases will be declared Red Zone: Delhi Health Minister

    Further, Delhi Health Minister also informed that the state government has also revised the containment plan for coronavirus infections. From now on, any area where 3+ positive cases will be detected will be declared as a Red Zone / Containment Cluster, the earlier limit for the same was 10. On similar lines, he said that detection of 1 positive case will deem the area as Orange zone where rapid monitoring, testing and containment measures will be applicable.

  • 14 Apr 04:08 PM

    1,451 positive cases in Delhi: State Health Minister Satyendra Jain

    Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain said that as on 14th April 2020, there were 1,451 positive cases of COVID-19 in Delhi. He said that current number of cases in Delhi is half off the beds set aside for COVID-19 patients in hospitals across Delhi. He also said that the state government plans to ramp up testing with rapid testing kits, which are yet to arrive from the central government. He said rapid testing in Delhi will start soon after the kits are received.

  • 14 Apr 03:58 PM

    Railways release detailed cancellation policy for Lockdown Period

    Following the extension in lockdown till 3rd May, Indian Railways also announced that it will be suspending passenger railway services for the lockdown period. In line with this, a detailed reservation cancellation policy has also been outlined by the Indian railways that will be applicable for passengers who had reserved train tickets for journey from 15th April to 3rd May 2020.

    1. All booking counters,  including Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) and Passenger Reservation System (PRS) will remain closed until 3rd May
    2. No advance reservation of train tickets until further orders
    3. Facility for online cancellation of tickets will remain operationl
    4. Full refund for reservation made for the trains cancelled.
    5. Full refund for reservations made on trains that are currently not cancelled

  • 14 Apr 03:29 PM

    PM Modi urges people to use Aarogya Setu Mobile App

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the nation on April 14, 2020, recommended downloading the Aarogya Setu app. Among the 7 mantras to fight against COVID-19, PM Modi mentioned the app that will help in keeping the track of COVID-19 cases in the nearby areas. 

    Get Complete Details Here.

  • 14 Apr 03:21 PM

    WHO lauds India’s anti-corona measures

    World Health Organization has lauded India’s strict and effective measures taken by central and state governments to curb the spread of deadly disease among the people. WHO's South-East Asia Regional Director, Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh, addressing media said that 6-week lockdown to aid in social distancing and expansion of public healthcare facilities available to people will help India counter the spread much more effectively.   

  • 14 Apr 02:42 PM

    20 Controls Setup to Address Wage-related Grievances

    With the extension in the lockdown extended till 3rd May 2020, the government has planned to setup 20 control rooms to address wage-related grievances of migrant labourers and daily wage earners. These 20 pan-India control rooms will operate under the Office of Chief Labour Commissioner (CLC) (C) through Ministry of Labour and Employment.


    Ministry of Labour and Employment 

  • 14 Apr 02:36 PM

    CII seeks relief for MSMEs

    The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) sought relief measures from government after the extension of COVID-19 lockdown across the country. The industry body sought government intervention for Medium and Small Scale Enterprises (MSMEs), who are the worst hit due to COVID-19 pandemic. Among the several recommendations made by CII, the key include enhanceing working capital, extension of moratorium on loans as well as wage support and immediately release of government dues.

  • 14 Apr 02:33 PM

    Metro Rail Services Suspended till 3rd May

    After airlines and passenger trains, Metro Rail services will also remain suspended till 3rd May 2020 across metropolitan cities in India. The decision was announced by DS Mishra, Secretary of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

  • 14 Apr 01:12 PM

    India has enough stock of food, medicines: Home Minister Amit Shah

    After PM Modi’s announcement about extension of lockdown until 3rd May, Home Minister Amit Shah took to twitter to assure citizens of the country that all necessary items and daily necessities will be available to them during the lockdown period. He also added that India has enough stock of food, medicines and other daily necessities and people do not need to worry about shortages.

  • 14 Apr 12:38 PM

    Maharashtra State Tally rises to 2400

    Maharashtra’s state tally continued to soar on Tuesday even as strict lockdown measures have been enforced across the state. With 121 fresh cases reported from across the state, the state tally of COVID-19 positive cases rose to 2,455.

  • 14 Apr 12:25 PM

    PM Modi recommends use of Homemade Masks

    PM Modi in his address to the nation today, urged people to use homemade masks to curb the spread of Coronavirus pandemic. He said that people should cover their face with homemade masks while going out to protect themselves. Soon after his address, PM also changed his profile pictures on leading social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook in which he was seen wearing a homemade mask, to inspire people to do the same.

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  • 14 Apr 12:23 PM

    All Domestic, International Airlines Operations suspended till 3rd May

    According to an ANI update, DGCA has decided to suspend operations of passenger airlines until 3rd May 2020 after the extension in the lockdown. According to the report, all domestic and international scheduled airline operations shall remain suspended till 11.59 pm, 3rd May.

  • 14 Apr 11:28 AM

    PM Modi Lockdown Extension Speech - Highlights

    From lockdown extention till 3rd May to use of homemade masks for personal protection; PM Modi touched upon many points that people of India have done and need to do to combat COVID-19. 

    Get complete highlights of PM's speech Here.

  • 14 Apr 11:11 AM

    Train services suspended until 3rd May, says PTI

    Senior officials of Indian Railways has confirmed that the passenger train services will remain suspended until 3rd May 2020 in the light of the lockdown extension announced by PM Modi today. more details no this is still awaited.

  • 14 Apr 10:56 AM

    Detailed Guidelines on Lockdown Extension Tomorrow

    PM Modi in his speech mentioned that the detailed notification regarding the guidelines for Lockdown 2.0 from 15th April to 3rd May 2020 will be issued by the government tomorrow. However, PM in his speech confirmed that until 20th April 2020, lockdown would be imposed strictly. Following this, restrictions will be eased in areas where no fresh cases of COVID-19 are reported. 

  • 14 Apr 10:46 AM

    PM gives 7 mantras to beat COVDI-19 pandemic

    PM Modi gave 7 key mantras to beat coronavirus pandemic

    1. Take care of senior citizens, especially those with pre-existing health conditions
    2. Follow lockdown and social distancing guidelines /  home-made masks use compulary
    3. Boost your immunity by following guidelines published by Aayush ministry
    4. Download Aarogya Setu Mobile App to stay safe and motivate others as well
    5. Help poor families by providing food and shelter
    6. Be Compassionate, No jobcuts, paycuts by employers
    7. Respect corona warriors including doctors, healthcare workers, police officers, sanitation workers and other frontline workers

    Get Complete Details Here

  • 14 Apr 10:39 AM

    Watch PM Modi's Complete Speech on Lockdown Extension Here

    Watch PM Modi's complete speech on lockdown extension till 3rd May Here. 

  • 14 Apr 10:30 AM

    Graded Easing of Restrictions after 20th April: PM

    Hinting at graded easing of restrictions, PM Modi said that until 20th April 2020 government will identify areas where no fresh cases of coronavirus infections have been reported and will ease lockdown restriction there. However, in case any fresh case of COVID-19 is reported from such areas, restrictions will be again levied on these areas. 


  • 14 Apr 10:18 AM

    Nation-wide Lockdown Extended till 3rd May: PM Modi

    PM Modi in his address confirmed that lockdown has been extended 3rd May 2020. He also said that until 20th April 2020 survey will be done to grant exemptions and ease restrictions

  • 14 Apr 10:10 AM

    PM Modi counts steps taken by Govt to counter Pandemic

    Recounting the steps that have been implemented by the government to counter the COVID-19 Pandemic in the last 1 and a half months. He said the central government decided to impose a national lockdown when the number of COVID-19 cases was only 551.

  • 14 Apr 10:08 AM

    People are like disciplined Soldiers: PM

    PM Modi in his speech said that people of India have responded to the restrictions laid down by the government like a disciplined soldier, helping government and administration to fight the pandemic.



  • 14 Apr 10:04 AM

    PM thanks people for their sacrifices

    PM Modi began his address by thanking people of India for their sacrifice and contribution to combating the threat of COVID-19. He said that their efforts has helped control the damage that could have been done to India due to the pandemic. 

  • 14 Apr 09:55 AM

    Rajasthan state tally rises to 945

    Rajasthan’s state tally of Coronavirus infections rose to 945 as per the latest data shared by the State Health Department. Of the total number of cases, Jaipur reported highest number of fresh cases on Monday i.e. 45 taking the city’s total to 418.

  • 14 Apr 09:50 AM

    PM Modi greets people on festivals ahead of his 10 AM speech

    Ahead of his much anticipated speech, PM Narendra Modi sent out a tweet greeting people on the occasion of various festivals being celebrated today. In his tweet message he wished that the people of this country get more strength to fight Coronavirus.

  • 14 Apr 09:41 AM

    Congress President’s Message to People on COVID-19

    Congress President Sonia Gandhi today delivered a message to the people of the nation, seeking their support in the fight against coronavirus pandemic. In her address, she said “whether in power or not, the Congress will help people fight against coronavirus spread. I feel we, with strong morale, will emerge out of this crisis soon.”

  • 14 Apr 09:37 AM

    States extend lockdown before PM Modi’s Speech

    Even before PM Modi’s speech at 10 AM today, several state governments have already announced extension in the lockdown period until 30th April 2020. First to extend state-wide lockdown was Odisha, which was followed by Punjab, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Yesterday, Tamil Nadu, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Puducherry also extended state-wide lockdown.

  • 14 Apr 09:26 AM

    1200 fresh cases, 31 Deaths in 24 hours: Health Ministry

    According to the details provided by the Union Health Ministry website, in last 24 hours the country has reported 1211 fresh cases and 31 Deaths. As of Tuesday, India's total number of coronavirus cases rises to 10,363. These include 8,988 active cases, 1035 cured/discharged/migrated and 339 deaths.


  • 14 Apr 09:22 AM

    PM Modiâ??s Address at 10 AM

    PM Modi will address the nation today at 10 AM, a day before the 21-day lockdown is to end. In his speech he is expected to chart out the future course of action and government’s plan for the next phase of handling COVID-19 crisis. In all likelihood, PM will extend the current lockdown by next two weeks.

  • 14 Apr 09:20 AM

    Total Number of Cases Crosses 10K Mark

    On Tuesday, the Union Health Ministry Website updated the national tally for COVID-19 positive cases in the country. As per that data, the total number of Coronavirus infections in the country stands at 10363, of which 8988 cases are active, while 1036 patients have recovered fully from the disease and been discharged. The death toll due to COVID-19 pandemic in India stands at 339. 


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