Proud mother of class 10 CBSE student takes to social media to congratulate her son on his board examination results

Created On: May 10, 2019 09:15 IST
Modified on : May 10, 2019 09:15 IST


With the results season up students, the pressure of securing good marks is high given the number of students who end up becoming toppers. Although the toppers deserve the place they receive because of the hard work and effort they put in throughout the year the people tend to forget those who qualify the examination with bare minimum or to say less than 90 percent.

According to the trend which is being followed today, scoring marks less than 90 percent is not considered as a very commendable feat. In a time like this comes a social media post from a mother congratulating her son for qualifying the CBSE class 10 board examinations. The woman in question is Vandana Katoch from Delhi.

Vandana took to the social media after the declaration of the class 10 CBSE examination results congratulating her son for securing 60 percent marks. The post read


This is a classic example of how encouraging parents ought to be towards their children especially after the examination results are declared. While some of the parents in the country are not satisfied with the marks their kids secure here is a woman who broke all myths and went on to not only encourage her son for his performance but also set an example for the parents as how they should encourage their children to do their best rather than top the examinations.

Her post is also a shout out to all those children who are burdened with the expectation of performing well in their examination, comparing them to fishes that are expected to climb trees. Her post gathered close to 5000 likes and 3.3 thousand shares on the social media platform. She, in a very subtle but straightway encourages students perform to the best of their abilities and reminds parents to understand the fact that the results do not decide who their child actually is but is just a set of marks on a piece of paper.

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