Trump in India Live: US President on Kashmir, Anti-CAA protests, Taliban Peace Deal, Corona Virus, Radical Islam

Published on : Tue 25 Feb 2020 06:04 PM IST

Trump in India: On Day 2 of his state visit, US President Donald Trump was accorded a ceremonial welcome at Rashtrapati Bhawan today morning. President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed Trump and First Lady Melania Trump at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. US President was joined by his daughter and senior advisor Ivanka, son-in-law Jared Kushner and several top officials at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Thereafter, PM Modi held delegation level talks with US President Trump at Hyderabad House which saw signing of three key agreements / MoUs including defence deals worth USD 3 Billion for the acquisition of advanced American military equipment, including Apache & MH-60 Romeo Helicopters.

Stay tuned for live updates on US President Donald Trump’s India Visit.


India - US sign 3 MoUsIndia inks defence deal worth USD 3 BillionTrump to interact with Media Soon
  • 25 Feb 06:15 PM

    India has Phenomenal Future Ahead, says Trump

    Summing up his press briefing, US President Donald Trump said that India is already a major player and is all set to emerge as a tremendous country in years to come. He also added that India has a large population and great cultural heritage and economic wealth. India has taken several steps to reform its education sector and produces excellent students, some of whom have joined schools in the US.

  • 25 Feb 06:19 PM

    Trump backs Modi on Religious Freedom

    During the press briefing, US President also backed PM Modi and his efforts to ensure religious freedom in the country. He said that Indian PM has done great work and he wants people to have religious freedom.

  • 25 Feb 06:06 PM

    Didn't discuss CAA with Modi: Trump

    When asked about the on-going anti-CAA protests and the violence that has gripped North East Delhi; President said that he didn’t discuss CAA in particular with PM Modi. He also said that it is for India to handle the anti-CAA protest and the ensuing violence. However, he added that Prime Minister Modi did brief him about religious freedom that India has worked very hard to maintain and he is impressed by the government’s efforts on that front.

  • 25 Feb 06:03 PM

    US President On Trade Deal

    Talking about the trade talks that were held today morning at Hyderabad House, US President Donald Trump said that India has one of the highest tariffs in the world, especially for Indian goods and products. During our discussions, India has fundamentally agreed to lowering the tariffs and soon the deal will be formalised.

  • 25 Feb 06:00 PM

    PM Modi will take care of Terror: Trump

    Talking about PM Modi’s resolve to counter on terrorism, US President termed him as “a very religious and calm man but he is actually a very tough person.”

  • 25 Feb 05:57 PM

    Trump on Kashmir and Pakistan

    Talking about Pakistan and Kashmir issue, US President Trump said that he shares a great personal relationship with PM Modi as well as Pakistan PM Imran Khan. He also added that India is a brave nation who will not pull back on their stand on various issues concerning both the neighbours. India has also been working on Kashmir issue which was a ‘thorn’ for many; but ‘all coins have two sides’. 

  • 25 Feb 05:47 PM

    India's Role in Taliban Peace Deal

    US President also took a question about Taliban Peace deal that the US has been working on and the important role that India and Pakistan, both, have to play for it to materialize. He also added that so far his administration has done good progress in ensuring peace in the region, but others also have to pitch in, in order to ensure lasting and sustained peace in the region. 

  • 25 Feb 05:45 PM

    Trump's Plan to Counter Radical Islamism

    Answering a question about his plan to counter Islamic Fundamentalism, US President said that his administration has worked relentlessly to counter the threat of Radical Islam. He also invited other countries including Russia, Iran and other European countries to join the fight.

  • 25 Feb 05:39 PM

    India has tackled Corona Virus Well: Trump

    Addressing Media persons in Delhi, US President Donald Trump said that India has contained the threat of Corona virus quite well. He also added that China and US have worked very closely to contain the threat of Corona Virus globally. 

  • 25 Feb 05:36 PM

    US President Addresses Media

    US President Donald Trump addresses Media at ITC Maurya Hotel in New Delhi. He termed his visit to India as very fruitful. He said that India is going to be investing ‘billions of dollars’ in the US and also buy defence and energy sectors. 


  • 25 Feb 05:32 PM

    Trump to Address Media Shortly

    US President will hold a press briefing shortly at ITC Maurya Hotel in New Delhi and take questions from media personnel. 

  • 25 Feb 05:05 PM

    Foreign Secy on ‘Big Trade Deal’

    Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla briefed media about the on-going visit of US President Donald Trump in India. In his briefing, Mr Shringla said that during the discussions India and US have reached ‘a certain level of understanding on the trade-related issues.’ On primary level, both countries are expected to award Most Favoured Nation’ status to each other while on secondary level India and the US would strengthen bilateral relations. Foreign Secretary also said that there were a few developments on IPR as well.

  • 25 Feb 05:01 PM

    US President on PM Modi

    US President Donald Trump continued his praises for PM Modi and termed him to be a tough man who knows what he is doing. Trump also added that in the recent times, PM Modi has done some fantastic work and both of them work very closely.

  • 25 Feb 04:52 PM

    Trump Praises Modi

    During his interaction with corporate leaders, Trump showered praises on PM Modi. He said that visiting India has been an honour. He also added that “You have a very special Prime Minister, he really knows what he is doing. He is a tough man. He has done a fantastic job. We work very closely together”.

  • 25 Feb 04:47 PM

    Invites Indian MNCs to invest in US

    US President Donald Trump also paved the way for more investment from Indian MNCs in the US. He added that his administration had brought down many regulation and many more will be removed in near future. He also added that taxes for the corporates and new investments have also been brought down in the US making it a lucrative investment destination for Indian Corporates.

  • 25 Feb 04:47 PM

    Bids for Re-election

    During his interaction with corporate India, US President clearly had his re-election bid on mind. While  addressing business leaders he said that "Our markets will jump thousands and thousands of points if I win. If I don't win, you are going to see a crash like never before. I really mean it too."

  • 25 Feb 04:46 PM

    US President Meets India Inc

    US President Donald Trump interacted with India Inc at CEOs Roundtable at US Embassy on Day 2 of his India Visit. During his interaction with the corporate leaders from India, Trump touched on several topics ranging from markets, trade deals to Indian MNCs investing in the US.

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